How Osteopathic Manipulation Resolves Nursing Problems

Many new mothers experience difficulties when breastfeeding their babies. Common nursing struggles include trouble latching on, tongue and lip tie, and weak or ineffective suckling. These difficulties can prevent your newborn from getting essential nutrients, resulting in slowed development and sleepless nights for both baby and family alike.  

If your child is experiencing issues that complicate breastfeeding, you want to find a safe, natural way to regulate brain and body function—and optimize development for the long haul.


Supporting Unimpeded Development


Some newborns have trouble latching onto the breast because of lip or tongue tie, while others suffer from colic—or abdominal pain caused by an obstruction in the intestines. Both conditions can set off a cyclical pattern of incessant crying, persistent restlessness, and further trouble feeding.


With other conditions, such as weak and ineffective suckling, your baby might cry because he is hungry all the time. Out of frustration, he may begin biting to get the milk out—hurting mom in the process.


Many of these difficulties originate during late prenatal development or birth. Whether your child was born naturally or through a caesarean section, pressure on the skull may have created obstructions in the baby’s nerves—which run from the brain to the mouth, tongue, and lips.


By removing the pressure on the nerves, your baby’s muscles will function properly, coordinating to latch on and obtain the nutrients he needs to grow and develop naturally.


A Restful Slumber for Everyone


Through osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), Dr. Daniel Williams identifies and removes obstructions that may hinder development. Osteopathic manipulation is a gentle, hands-on treatment that encourages healthy brain function and vibrant health at an early stage.


For newborns, OMT safely restores balance and normalizes function, resolving a variety of nursing difficulties—in turn, reducing stress for the whole family. Dr. Williams performs most of the treatment while you are holding your baby, often causing the child to fall asleep in your arms.


Nursing doesn’t need to be stressful. If you’re looking for a safe and natural solution to your breastfeeding difficulties, our office is right here in Indianapolis - conveniently located for all of central Indiana.  Get Started Here.