Investing In Your Long-Term Wellness

The human body is designed to be functional and healthy—and when it's not, it has the amazing capacity to heal itself. Eating well, exercising, and keeping up with regular doctor’s appointments helps tremendously. We are fortunate that Indianapolis offers many indoor and outdoor opportunities to stay fit and eat healthy!  

That said, your body's natural regenerative function may not always work optimally, leaving you more vulnerable to pain conditions, functional problems, and seeking relief.


Too often, people forego preventative treatments because their health insurance plans only cover what is “medically necessary.” Similar to homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, healthcare plans typically benefit you when something goes wrong. For example, homeowner’s insurance may cover damage from a fire or break-in, but your policy will not take care of ongoing property maintenance and upkeep, such as landscaping costs.


The mistake that many patients make is assuming that, since a treatment is not covered under their insurance, it must not be important.


Boost Your Health with Proactive Treatments


Natural integrative medicine helps you achieve and maintain peak function, so you can avoid major health complications and expenses down the line. Covered or not, Dr. Dan Williams’ hands-on treatments set up you or your child for long-lasting balance and stability—reducing the risk of heart attack, insomnia, joint replacement, and many other health issues.


If you’re a parent looking for effective pediatric care, our osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) addresses everything from ear infections and sleeping problems to breastfeeding difficulties and colic. Even though your insurance may not fully cover treatment, OMT often produces rapid and obvious results—restoring your child’s health and optimizing development.


For medical acupuncture patients, most insurance policies require that you pay out-of-pocket for treatment. But, for many pain conditions, acupuncture therapy is a critical investment in sustainable balance and comfort. For example, if you’re suffering from severe back pain after a long flight, as few as three strategically placed needles in each wrist can resolve your discomfort.


Prolotherapy injections and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy help augment natural healing—preventing joint degeneration, especially for people suffering from arthritis. Although your health insurance does not cover these treatments, six (or less) monthly injections can help you avoid weekly chiropractic visits for the rest of your life.


When you experience a health issue, early treatment achieves the best results. But it’s even more important to prevent these complications and preserve long-term wellness through ongoing maintenance—even if your health insurance policy doesn’t consider treatments “medically necessary.”


Want to learn more about how to harness your body’s healing power? Our office is right here in Indianapolis, conveniently located for all of central Indiana. Schedule an appointment today.