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Q: Natural treatment for a sports injury?

A: For decades, RICE was the gold standard for treating athletic injuries. But it’s very important to note that RICE was never designed to provide complete rehabilitation for athletic injuries.

Q: Treating arthritis with prolotherapy?

A: When thinking about natural treatments for arthritis or, even better, for prevention of arthritis, consider regenerative medicine treatments such as prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP.

Q: What causes lower back pain?

A: If you have low back pain and it is not radiating past the knee, it's likely not sciatica. There are many things in the body which can cause lower back pain other than discs and nerves.





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Head and Neck Pain


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Sport Injury

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Arthritis Pain

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Shoulder Pain

Lower Back Pain


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Joint Pain

Osteopathic Medicine in Indianapolis

Our osteopathic treatments involve a holistic approach to helping your body heal itself. Dr. Dan and his team begin treatments with the notion that your body can heal itself. This is the first step along the journey to restoring your most precious asset: your health. Osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, prolotherapy, PRP, functional medicine, and nutrition optimization are all services we offer at our Indianapolis office.

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Headache and Migraine
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Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We’re happy to tell you we are in network with most major health plans, including MediCare. While not all of our services are covered by insurance plans, we keep responsible fees to allow you to experience our outstanding care.

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Dr. Dan Williams, DO

Board Certified Osteopathic Physician in Indianapolis

Thank you for visiting. Being able to relieve chronic pain and restore health is what gets me out of bed each and every morning, so I hope the videos and articles you find here help you live a healthy and pain-free life.

I was drawn to osteopathic medicine for its focus on treating the whole individual, not just symptoms and diseases. It is the osteopathic approach that considers the whole patient in order to identify the best path to health and wellness. This holistic approach led me to study both western and traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

I use hands-on manipulation, medical acupuncture, regenerative medicine, and functional medicine to help my patients, from newborn babies to those late into their 90s, remove pain and return them to health.

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