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Osteopathic and Holistic Treatments in Indianapolis

After decades of study, practice, and teaching, Dr. Dan Williams has chosen three methods to helping you achieve optimal health: osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and prolotherapy. His unique mix of eastern modalities and western medicine form a potent combination that addresses a wide range of medical issues, and helps those in Indianapolis and beyond avoid surgery and find pain relief.

Instead of treating symptoms that will persist and recur, osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) addresses root causes. Instead of relying on invasive treatments or medications with possible side effects, this hands-on, long-term solution leverages your body’s own healing powers.

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatments

Dr. Dan's osteopathic approach is to create homeostasis in your body—or physical equilibrium—so that you can feel and function your best. And this starts with a thorough examination of you, the patient.

The osteopathic approach examines all tissues of your body—including muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissues—seeking to resolve the true cause of your pain and discomfort. Through gentle, precise, hands-on attention, Dr. Dan then works to restore your natural muscle and joint function, focusing on any structural abnormalities that may be present, and create harmony, balance, stability

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Medical Acupuncture Therapy

Our acupuncture therapy services can help you feel great at all times, and avoid invasive procedures and prescription drugs and their side effects.

As one of Dr. Dan’s three cornerstone treatments, medical acupuncture helps elicit a specific response from your body, heightening your natural healing ability without putting you at risk for complications. Best of all, acupuncture addresses the root cause of bodily dysfunctions, mild to severe pain, and anything else preventing you from operating at your highest and most vibrant level.

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Prolotherapy and PRP Injections

When ligaments and tendons are damaged, prolotherapy and PRP treatments can help them heal as quickly as possible before the issue gets worse. You may opt for surgery and anti-inflammatory medications or injections. However, pain-relieving medications offer only temporary solutions, while surgery is always risky, often falling short of stabilizing the area and enabling pain to persist and expand.

Prolotherapy and PRP injections are procedures that stimulate your body’s healing power to regenerate and repair connective tissue. In our Indianapolis office, prolotherapy and PRP treatments provide benefits surgery and pain relievers can’t match: highly targeted, low-risk treatment that delivers lasting results.

Addressing the root cause of your discomfort, prolotherapy and PRP injections help your body restore tissue naturally.

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We No Longer Accept Insurance

To provide you with the level of care you deserve, we have decided to walk away from the insurance system.

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Dr. Dan Williams, DO

Osteopathic Physician in Indianapolis

Hi, this is Dr. Dan, and I want to thank you for visiting. Being able to relieve chronic pain and restore health in what gets me out of bed each and every morning.

I was drawn to Osteopathic medicine because it focuses on treating people, not symptoms or diseases. The osteopathic approach to medicine involves looking at the whole patient: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Every patient I treat is different and unique. My goal is always to listen, learn as much as I can about your concerns and perspectives, and provide the most beneficial treatment.

Over the years, I've applied the hands-on manipulation techniques I’ve learned to help my patients remove pain and improve their health. I’ve cared for newborns babies, those late into their 90s, and everyone in between. No matter your age and state of health, I can help.

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