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Our Approach to Lower Back Pain Relief


Regenerative Medicine

Non-surgical, regenerative injections promote joint and ligament repair and reconstruction. Prolotherapy and PRP involve a series of injections into weakened or damaged ligaments and joints in the lower back area.



Osteopathic Manipulation

Instead of treating symptoms, osteopathic manipulation treatments (OMT) address root causes of lower back pain. Please wear comfortable and loose clothing on the day of treatment.


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Acupuncture is a natural and drug-free way to reduce lower back pain. For chronic cases of lower back pain, acupuncture is an excellent supplementary treatment to a more comprehensive approach.




What Causes Lower Back Pain?

The lower back pain you are experiencing is most likely caused by one or a combination of the following:

  1. Muscle pain caused by weakened ligaments
  2. Trigger points in the muscles
  3. Herniated disc or bulging disc problems

Not everything that hurts in the back is due to a disc problem. Even if you are suffering from a disc problem, a good portion of your pain can still come from your back muscles doing extra work to compensate for weakened ligaments.



Payment & Insurance

We do not accept insurance. To provide you with the level of care you and your family deserve, we have decided to transition away from accepting insurance at our office.

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