Getting Your Life Back - Osteopathy in Indiana

Osteopathic Manipulation - Gentle hands-on techniques that normalize the tissues of the body. - Faster recovery with improved motion in your muscles and joints - No scary bone popping - Gentle enough for newborn babies

Regenerative Medicine - Outstanding treatment for arthritis and other degenerative diseases

- Stimulates healing of painful, damaged ligaments, tendons and other structures for lasting results - Keeps your body in proper position so adjustments last much longer - A secret used by professional athletes

Acupuncture - Small needles you barely even notice are placed at specific sites

- Quicker healing with increased blood flow - Removes pain generators located inside your muscles - Less pain by increasing your body’s natural pain killers

Functional Medicine - Nutraceutical supplementation and diet modification to enhance your recovery

- Optimized nutrition to speed your recovery - Reduce painful inflammation – naturally - Improve your health and energy level